Stadtbad Berlin-Mitte

From May 12th 2017 we present  in our gallery a documentation with photographs from the 1930s of the Stadtbad Berlin-Mitte in the Berliner Gartenstraße (today called Stadtbad-Mitte “James Simon”).

The public bath and swimming pool was completed in 1930 in the style of New Objectivity according to the plans of the architect Carlo Jelkmann; the architect Heinrich Tessenow was resposible for the interior design. The photographs were taken by Arthur Köster (1890-1965), whose images left a decisiv imprint on the the image of  the Neues Bauen movement in Berlin. Also some of these images were taken by the city photographer Erich Moebus, and by the Kunstanstalt Voremberg (known through their Berlin postcards).

The images are a fine documentation of the building. They show the ground plan (signed: Jelkmann), the facade  and the famous large, light-flooded swimming pool with its  50-meter basin.

In addition, there are also images from the lesser known transit and service areas, such as the entrance hall, changing rooms, bath tubs, various dipping pools and resting rooms,

as well as the extended roof terrace for sun bathing. These images show in a very special way how light-flooded this building was (according to the motto: Licht, Luft und Sonne = light, air and sun). At the time of its inauguration, the Stadbad-Mitte was considered the most modern swimming pool in Europe.